We are strategic investors.  Strategy is the link between your investment portfolio and your objectives.  Good investments do not exist in a vacuum.  There is a direct link between the characteristics of your portfolio and your investment strategy. 

We are bottom-up investors.  Understanding of infrastructure debt begins with a detailed analysis of the infrastructure project itself, its demand and revenue drivers, its regulatory environment, its operating and capital expenditure cash flows and finally its capital structure.  Infradebt brings decades of infrastructure investing experience, across all parts of the capital structure, to this project-level analysis.

We are conservative investors.  The core of good investing is to avoid large losses. This should be the beginning, middle and end of the investment process.  High returns inevitably involve high risk. It is better to aim for sensible returns with a constant focus on value and downside risk.

We are consistent investors.  Financial markets are inherently emotional.  Successful investing is built on applying rigorous analysis consistently across opportunities and time.

We are long-term investors.  We think about assets over the investment horizon of superannuation fund members. A key focus is stranded asset risk. We analyse risk exposures to climate change and technology.