Tesla doubles Powerwall capacity - for the same price!

Last week Tesla made a number of new product announcements including solar tiles - that is solar PV integrated into glass roofing tiles.  These are not yet available for purchase and the exact technical specifications (or cost) remain unclear.  In my view, the more significant announcement was the doubling of the capacity of the Powerwall from 6.4 kWh to 13.5 KWh.  Given the average Australian household uses roughly 20kWh a day this battery is well suited to allowing daytime solar production to be stored to meet a typical household's evening peak and overnight usage.  The new version of the Powerwall has an integrated inverter which will lower the overall cost of the system.  Tesla's Australian website (https://www.tesla.com/en_AU/powerwall) is showing an Australian installed cost of $9,450 for the Powerwall 2 - which is much the same as the installed cost (including additional inverter) of the original Powerwall.  

A powerful example of the deflationary forces in the storage sector as volumes ramp up.

Source:  Tesla